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Dodoca Integrated Mobile Marketing & Productivity Solution (DIMMPS)

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Growing Trend of Mobile and O2O Marketing Boosts SMEs Productivity

With collaboration with IMDA Enhanced iSPRINT, SMEs that are on-board DIMMPS will be able to market their brand/products/services on the WeChat mobile marketing platform, enhance and automate their customer engagement tactics, as well as track and store customer data for more targeted marketing and effective business decision making.

Leverage on this ready pool of prospective customers, and benefit from having an additional sales and marketing channel through an official WeChat merchant account and online store.

With an in-built customer relationship management (CRM) system as well as automated customer engagement and marketing features, the DIMMPS also enhances SMEs’ marketing capabilities for better customer engagement.

Automate your business processes which included:

* Mobile web designer

* CRM system

* Mobile auto-responder for FAQs

* Appointment booking

Reach Out to 715,000 WeChat Users in Singapore and Over 762,000,000 Globally

Client Success Story: Kim's Place Seafood

"During a fan engagement campaign (using DIMMPS’s unique feature to create a Wheel of Fortune Game), I managed to engage more than 1,000 fans within a few hours of launch.

I was overwhelmed with excitement on the day I obtained my Wechat Official Account, and dug out all pictures from my business from the past 20 years to upload into the Wechat Official Account. I felt proud to be able to obtain a platform where I can showcase my story, and it allowed customers to gain trust and better understand my business.

[...] And the most incredible was whenever I broadcast the “Catch of The Day” news to my circle of friends and fans, seafood gets sold out so quickly, and it has become so much easier to close sales in this Wechat platform."

1. Mobile Store / Website with a Simple DIY User Interface

2. Proactive Promotion System to Create New Product Awareness and Attracting New Customers

3. Online CRM System for Fostering Good Customer's Relationships and Brand Loyalty

4. Online Self-Help System for System Improvement and Market Expansion

5. Drag-and-Drop Designer for Digital Poster

6. Many More Productivity, Automation, and Customer Experience Enhancing Tools

7. Training of Employees

8. Opening of WeChat Official Account

9. Client Referral Rewarding Scheme

What's Included In DIMMPS?

Application Process & Eligibility Check

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Dodoca is the only listed high-tech enterprise in China specializing in WeChat social media digital marketing. We are on the cusp of social media trends, new technologies and new ways to engage your customers effectively and creatively.

DIMMPS version 3 was pre-qualified solution under Enhanced iSPRINT.

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